[rsync@b] Re: rsync to 2000/NT servers?

Bert rsync at b.sproing.net
Wed Dec 18 17:25:59 EST 2002

>> >> Dr. Poo wrote:
>> >> > Now, can you think of a way to sync the win 2000 OS? (the
>> > WHOLE flippin'system) so that if it were to go down
>> > one could restore the full installation

Once upon a time, I used Windows's own backup program to grab its 
"SystemState" [registry, etc] to a file every day and then backed up this 
file with all the other readable files.

Unfortunately (or fortunately :-) ), I never tried to do a restoration from 
scratch, so I'm not sure if this actually works, but it sounds reasonable
	Install virgin Windows OS
	(Install cygwin)
	Restore the files -- OS, Program and data
	Use Windows's builtin restore to reload the "SystemState"

Has anybody else used taken this approach?

BTW, I think the difference between having a data-only backup and a 
fully-restorable backup is DAYS: Every time I have to restore Windows it 
has taken 2-4 solid days to get everything installed -- OS, service packs, 
applications. Of course, I insist on being outside mainstream IT support, 
and, therefore, I never had an efficient system-installation rig.


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