rsync to 2000/NT servers?

Dr. Poo drpoo at
Wed Dec 18 15:32:00 EST 2002

Thanks guys, this is some invaluable insight. I'm still just having to come 
to grips with all this nonsense....why microsoft? why oh why would you make 
it so difficult for your user's to USE your products with out your help?? 
Seems to me they should have though ahead when making their 'server' platform 
and made it a little more server environment ready, meaning "backup-able". 

I know as long as one keeps the original installation cdrom it's not too 
difficult to get a windows box back up and running after a crash, but it is 
very time consuming....especially just updating the numerous security 
vulnerbilities and service packs. 

On Tuesday 17 December 2002 05:48 pm, Corey McGuire wrote:
> If you are going to copy a 2000 system (meaning, you'll have two from the
> same image) you'll need Sysprep as well as ghost (available on MS's site)
> which will make sure each has a unique GID.  If you are archiving a system
> so that it is fully bootable, or upgrading a drive, ghost is about the only
> solution.
> Booting from DOS may be a large problem if you do not have a means of
> storing the data.
> Here is a DOS boot floppy I made with various DOS networking drivers.  It
> is menu driven and the batch files are documented.
> You can "net use driveletter: \\hostname\share" to any "Windows" share.

Corey, i'll give your floppy a try, and see what i can do with it. 

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