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>People writing from (say) China may be using
>a mail client that sends messages in a Chinese character set.  Some of
>those character sets contain latin characters, so they may have in
>fact been writing a purely English message, or perhaps an English
>message with a part-Chinese sig block.

Yepp. that is done by several chinese "free" email providers...

>Discarding these messages was incorrect; what was worse was that the
>old system gave no indication of how to fix the problem and the
>messages were dropped without review. :-(

Those chinese chars were placed by the providers in the last some 
lines like a signature/footer.


There is an inforamtion from "KISA" how to tag "legal" korean spam:

    2.  For the reference, you could filter Korean Spam mails by
    using the strings introduced below.

    People who would like to advertise adult stuff should put the
    sign of '("ù"¬àî¡/¢'¡Æí)' at the head of subject.  In case of
    general advertisement, they have to attach '(¡/¢'¡Æí)' at the
    head of subject.  In both cases, you need round brackets ( )
    around the string.

    ("ù"¬àî¡/¢'¡Æí) means (advertisement for adult or 'ADLT') in
    (¡/¢'¡Æí) means (advertisementor 'ADV') in English.

    Since you don't understand and write Korean, I introduce the
    two text strings for you to use in your filters.


    Korea Information Security Agency
    Secretariat of Personal Information Mediation Committee
    Dispute Mediation Team / Researcher


>And let's not even think about byte sex. :-)

or mSEXchange... ;-)


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