SPAM on List...

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Dec 12 01:28:00 EST 2002

On  9 Dec 2002, "John E. Malmberg" <wb8tyw at> wrote:

> I will agree that the SAMBA lists are being kept more spam free than 
> some of the other mail servers that I get e-mail on.

Just as an interesting data point: our bogofilter setup caught 60 spam
messages in the last 24 hours aimed at lists.  

> And while you are saying that you are not in favor of using blocking 
> lists, you are blocking Korea by some method, but that could be just 
> something that bogofilter has figured out.

We're using  Unfortunately the spam:ham ratio for
Korea is so bad that this seems to be the only appropriate solution.
We check the headers on samples of rejected messages and there are
dozens of spams per day and I haven't seen a nonspam message yet.

> It is your servers and your decisions on how to allocate your resources.
> No spam blocking method is 100%.
> And I am not complaining about your efforts.  I was just posting some 
> methods of spam blocking in use, and of course my bias opinions on
> them.

Thanks, understood.  

If I'm defensive it's only because maintaining these things is
generally a thankless task.  People (not you, John) complain and whine
when spam gets through, but nobody sees the work that goes into
keeping the other 99% out and keeping things running smoothly.


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