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Wed Dec 11 21:23:01 EST 2002

Quoting Lee Wiltbank (lwiltbank at

> Thanks for the kind words.  In fact, I do have the source as well, and
> am being pressured right now to make it available.  I can bundle NLM
> and source together and make it available and would like to have it
> available from the download page, if that can be arranged.

The README file in claims
that, "If you would like to contribute binaries for a particular
platform then contact rsync-bugs at"  A week ago, I wrote that
address telling them about the copy of rsync-netware-nlm-2.5.5.tar.gz
(the NLM binaries, sample config file, and NCFs) I posted, that day, to
my directory.  They haven't yet acted
on that.  (I'm not one of the admins.)

For more on that, please see:

I mention all of this strictly in the hope of being of some help to you
and Novell, Inc. in this matter.  (I'm aware that open-sourcing code
produced in a corporate environment can be convoluted.  Ask me how I
know.  ;-> )

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