Tutorial: Synchronize notebook and PC (German)

Gregor Waluga gregor.waluga at web.de
Sat Dec 7 18:43:01 EST 2002


I wrote a tutorial which describes how to easily fetch your data on your 
notebook to take your work with you. It uses rsync over ssh with the use of a 
little script that I have written. I'm sorry, but this tutorial is only 
available in German.

It would be nice if you will take a look at this, for I'm not sure, if it's 
OK. If someone is a guru in rsync, then look at this, too, I don't want to 
teach other people wrong things.
I know, there will be some mistakes and the script is not the best one, but it 
runs perfectly here.

It is a >>Pre-Release<< for you. You can get a package of the tutorial in the 
OpenOffice format within the two scripts (synclan and synclocal) at following 

In a short time a PDF-version will be online here:
http://linux.waluga.de/	=> Tutorials

Drop me a note for comments on this...

Thanks a lot!

PS: Please note, that chapter 4 and some lines aren't finished, yet.

Linux ist kostenmlos, Windoofs umsonst...

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