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Sat Dec 7 15:56:24 EST 2002

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Once upon a time Savin Gorup shaped the electrons to say...

>There has been some interest in that topic before here
>( and

From: Martin Bene 
Subject: rsync 2.5.1 on NT/cygwin: can't handle filenames with non-latin1 character set 
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002 05:25:18 -0800 

>when using rsync on NT: rsync can't handle filenames with "strange" 
>$ rsync -av /cygdrive/c/data/transfer/Marisa/ Marisa/
>building file list ... readlink Imagelep. 10?1: No such file or directory
>readlink Imagelep. 11?2: No such file or directory
>readlink Imagelep. 9?1: No such file or directory

That sounds very much beeing the API problem of _findfirst
converting unicode to "0x3F"

Yes, NT-_findfirst delivers filenames which are unusable
for a "fileopen"! 

One attempt, at least to be able to open that file from
8bit world, maybe using the 8.3 name mangeling..
But on long directories that is very bad for the performance.

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