rsync: push_dir TESTDIR: No such file or directory

Mack, Daemian DMack at
Thu Aug 29 09:05:01 EST 2002

> Daemian:  You're mixing two mutually-exclusive modes - rsync 
> over ssh, and 
> rsync over rsync internal TCP transport to an rsyncd.  -e ssh 
> is ignored 
> on rsync to rsyncd, and rsync to rsyncd requires the 
> double-colon("::") 
> representation of the remote.  The --port= is also relevant only to 
> contacting an rsyncd.
> In this case, you are opening an ssh stream, and passing info 
> over that, 
> to a shell.  "MYUSERNAME at MY.SERV.ER.IP:TESTDIR" means 
> external transport to the subdirectory named "TESTDIR" under the 
> home directory of "MYUSERNAME" on machine "MY.SERV.ER.IP".

I'm confused.   I *am* using the single-colon, which, according to the man
page, is the right way to specify "I want to use SSH for this operation,"
which I do.

> So, your rsyncd.conf is also meaningless in this context.

I'm starting to suspect that I can rsync to a machine that literally *does
not have* rsync running in any sort of daemon capacity.  Is this accurate?

> Looking at it from the purpose of successfully doing what 
> your command 
> does, I'd first try
> and see if it's what you expect.  You might be landing in a directory 
> where you don't have write perms... It's happenned.

I have tried this, and am landing right where I expect to, in my remote home
directory.  The directory I'm specifying to sync with is present and is

In any case, it's working today.  The only change I've made is to reboot the
rsync server for an unrelated issue.  I don't know what changed to make it
start working, but at least it is.  ;)  Thanks for the pointers!

Daemian Mack

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