rsync --partial produces corrupt data on ctrl-c

Ralf Schreiber schreiber at
Tue Aug 27 22:33:01 EST 2002

Hi there,

in partial mode of Rsync in version up to 2.5.5 on Linux an Cygwin a Ctrl-C
during syncing creates a corrupted file.
The partially transfered data (with a dot on first position of the filename)
will be renamed after a ctrl-c occurs (on both
OS) or a window-close (cygwin) to the filename of a fully transfered file
(without the dot), which aren't complete !

To reproduce the error do:

"rsync --vau --partial /tmp/test1/ /tmp/test2/" on Linux (my system kernel
2.4.18-4GB) with a big file in directory
/tmp/test1/. Press ctrl-c if rsync creates the temporary dot-file and the
temporary-file will be renamed immediatly, but
the file is not completed.

Ralf Schreiber

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