Error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) when doing local rsync.

Philip J Lewis Phil at
Wed Aug 7 02:03:01 EST 2002


I think my disk corruption was due to me dd'ing the disk images while 
the source disk was in use and being written to etc. I don't suspect 
ext2 or rsync for this corruption!


Philip J. Lewis
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Mike Rubel wrote:

>>	Interesting - I just replaced a bad RAM module in a machine I was 
>>seeing this problem on... given that it corrupted another drive, I 
>>wonder if this is the source of the rsync error I was seeing as well?  
>>Same error, same setup.
>I've seen it a couple of times, actually... still, I wondered why my ext2
>filesystems were getting corruption in the first place.  Hey, I paid $15
>for 128 mb of ram a little while ago.  Maybe that's my problem...  :)

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