Mirroring 2 IDE Drive Linux

Danny danny at ocsonline.com
Tue Aug 6 15:05:02 EST 2002

We tried dd but it kept crashing and I had to reboot, I forget the error but
tried it twice and both times the system locked up and required rebooting.
Any ideas on this.
Using dd what commands would you recommend ?
I have hda1 (primary) and hdb1 (secondary)
Could you let me know the exact commands to use dd ?
Maybe we are trying to send too much at one time, thesse are both 40GB hard
drive. Redhat 7.1
Thanks for any help.

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You probably want to use 'dd' rather than 'rsync' for something like this.
It'll be much easier.


On Tue, Aug 06, 2002 at 05:01:40PM -0400, Danny wrote:
> From: "Danny" <danny at ocsonline.com>
> I have 2 drives in a Linux 7.1 server , 1 primary and 1 secondary. I am
trying to clone to the secondary slave drive and be take the primary out and
change the slave to primary and boot from it. The problem I am having is
that it the copied drive will not boot, It is not getting the lilo boot and
config properly. When I try to boot the copied drive , it boots to a Blank
screen with an "L" in the upper left hand corner.
> Can anyone tell me the proper commands to run with rsync to mirror from
primary to secondary and boot with the copied drive properly with Redhat 7.1
> If not what other solution would you recommend.
> Thanks
> Sysadmin at ocsonline.cmo
> Danny

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