Mirroring 2 IDE Drive Linux

Ben Escoto bescoto at stanford.edu
Tue Aug 6 16:47:08 EST 2002

>>>>> "D" == danny  <danny at ocsonline.com>
>>>>> wrote the following on Tue, 6 Aug 2002 17:01:40 -0400

  D> I have 2 drives in a Linux 7.1 server , 1 primary and 1
  D> secondary. I am = trying to clone to the secondary slave drive
  D> and be take the primary out = and change the slave to primary and
  D> boot from it. The problem I am = having is that it the copied
  D> drive will not boot, It is not getting the = lilo boot and config
  D> properly. When I try to boot the copied drive , it = boots to a
  D> Blank screen with an "L" in the upper left hand corner.  Can
  D> anyone tell me the proper commands to run with rsync to mirror
  D> from = primary to secondary and boot with the copied drive
  D> properly with Redhat = 7.1 ?  If not what other solution would
  D> you recommend.

Make sure the partition structure is the same in both disks, and that
rsync has copied all the data in each source partition to the right
destination partition.  You may have to make a swap partition - I
don't think rsync can do that.

    When you're done with all this, physically swap the disks, and
then reboot from the the RH cdrom.  Go to the shell, mount the root
and boot partitions of the new disk, chroot to /mnt/hda3 or whatever,
and then rerun /sbin/lilo.  Everything should work when you reboot,
even if the disks are different.

    Of course, this is all off the top of my head...

Ben Escoto
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