Rsync from windows to unix

S Peram perams27 at
Sat Aug 3 08:46:02 EST 2002

I'm trying to use rsync from Windows to Unix. 
I've followed the directions on :

I can see ssh running on the windows machine, because
I tested it using telnet localhost 22 and I can see
the result "SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_3.4p1".
But when I try 
"$ rsync -avz -e ssh user at windowsserver::/rsync/* ."
from the Linux machine I'm getting the error message
 "ERROR: The remote path must start with a module
Even when I try 
"$ rsync -avz -e ssh user at windowsserver:/rsync/* ."
I'm getting the error
$ rsync -avz -e ssh speram at* .
user at windows server password: <i enter domain passwd> 
"unexpected EOF in read_timeout"

The rsync daemon seems to be running too, since 
$telnet localhost 873 gave me the result 
I'd appreciate if any of you gurus can guide me where
I'm going wrong.


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