Problem with transfering large files.

Carey Jung carey at
Thu Sep 20 23:52:26 EST 2001

> Not so.
>      --timeout=TIMEOUT
>           This option allows you to set a maximum IO  timeout  in
>           seconds.  If  no  data is transferred for the specified
>           time then rsync will exit.  The  default  is  0,  which
>           means no timeout.
> The 2400 second timeout means that the connection must be _idle_ for 2400
> seconds. It does not mean that the session can not last for more than 2400
> seconds total.

My experience is that this is broken in at least 2.4.7pre1.  Whatever
timeout one sets seems to be interpreted as 'total runtime' for the rsync
invocation.  I now set to 0, which means "don't timeout".


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