Problem with transfering large files.

Scott Howard scott at
Thu Sep 20 23:32:04 EST 2001

On Mon, Sep 17, 2001 at 12:15:12PM -0600, tim.conway at wrote:
> Easy enough... look at your parameters.  You're saying that you must not transfer more than 480000kb in a session... you actual mileage will be slightly smaller, because of overhead.  You have limited yourself to a bandwidth of 200kbps for a duration of
> 2400 seconds.
> A single 400Mb file would take a minimum of 2048 seconds at 200kbps, all by itself.

Not so.

          This option allows you to set a maximum IO  timeout  in
          seconds.  If  no  data is transferred for the specified
          time then rsync will exit.  The  default  is  0,  which
          means no timeout.

The 2400 second timeout means that the connection must be _idle_ for 2400
seconds. It does not mean that the session can not last for more than 2400
seconds total.


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