Simison, Matthew matts at conxion.net
Fri Sep 7 08:12:06 EST 2001

Well, I looked all around for a rsyncd.lock setting or the max connections
directives and niether are set on the server.

here are the configs:
# Scary
        path = /
        comment = root
        hosts allow = 'bunch of ommitted IP's' 
        uid = 0
        gid = 0
        auth users = ghddfs 
        secrets file = /etc/rsync.secret
        path = /usagesum
        comment = usagesum
        hosts allow = 'bunch of ommitted IP's'
        uid = 60001
        gid = 60001
        auth users = usage 
        secrets file = /etc/rsync.secret

and the virtual server configs for that customer on our server:

        path = /www/somename/
        comment = somename
#       hosts allow = IP
        uid = 44113
        gid = 486
        auth users = somename
        read only = false
        secrets file = /etc/rsync/rsync.secret.IP

so I'm not sure where this lockfile error is derived from.
I have not changed anything in 1.5 years.

Any ideas?


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On Thu, Sep 06, 2001 at 01:53:37PM -0700, Simison, Matthew wrote:
> @ERROR: failed to open lock file /var/run/rsyncd.lock : No such file or
> directory
> solaris 2.6 (server) 
> rsync 2.3.1
> this has never been a problem before.
> This is a customer's error when trying to upload to our server.
> They claim it is not their end. I disagree.
> Anyway, I don't have their version info or OS.

I think that probably is on the rsync server side.  You can change the
lock file to a different place with the "lock file" rsyncd.conf directive.
It is only used to implement the "max connections" directive, and perhaps
you have recently added that.

- Dave Dykstra

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