rsync groups in modules

Holstein, Brian bholstei at
Fri Sep 7 04:11:50 EST 2001

> I'm guessing that you're running that daemon as root, correct?  I guess
> that because you don't have "use chroot = no".

Yes, its running as root.

> I think the answer to your question is probabably "no" as long as you're
> using -a.  What "uid" and "gid" say when running as root is to do a setuid
> to that user and group id, but with -og (which -a implies) it still tries to
> preserve the user and group if it can.
> Rsync enforces BSD-style rules for uids and gids.  That is, users can't do
> a chown to another user, and they can only do a chgrp to groups they're
> in.  So, I'm assuming that the "feprod" login is in the "op_sysad" group.
> Correct?
Actually, it's not. When I created the file, my default group is op_sysad, but
feprod is not in that group.
> You could say "refuse options = group", but that causes it to refuse the
> entire session and not just ignore the option.
I may end up having to do this to enforce the integrity of group permissioning
or just use a larger set of option which don't include -og.



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