Newbie to rsync

Sudarshan Ramaswamy sudar at synopsys.COM
Fri Sep 7 03:53:04 EST 2001

Hi All

I have compiled rsync on a Solaris 5.5.1 machine1 . I have compiled this
on a partition on the machine as root.
I have done the following

shared the Partition on the machine i have compiled.
mounted this partition this partition on the machine2 where I need to
rsync data

then When I issue the command

on machine2 as
rsync -avz machine2:/x  machine3:
It gives me
sh :rsync not found
EOF timeout

I am surorised at this cos I know that rsync is there on machine2 as a
mounted partition.
Any clues.

Also Is there any document i can catch to understand rsync and how it

Thanks for any insight.

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