Feedback on 2.4.7pre1

Carey Jung carey at
Wed Sep 5 13:17:39 EST 2001


We've been using the 2.4.7pre1 release for several days now, with nary a
hang problem.  We haven't seen the EOF bug at all, which was what we
upgraded for.    This is with transfers of as much as 50GB to set up an
initial mirror.

The only thing we did was set timeout=0 -- which I guess is unnecessary.
The semantics of this flag are a bit unclear.  We thought was 'time since
response from a server', but it seems to be total runtime of rsync.   So, if
it's set at 2 hours and it takes more than that to perform a sync, it will
crap out, even if the sync is proceeeding normally.  Is this all by design?
If so, the documentation could be a tad clearer.

Thanks, though, to everyone involved in the latest fixes.

Carey Jung

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