Rsync time syncing problem

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I've never used it but if you can live with the 1 second time difference,
try the following rsync option:

              When  comparing  two  timestamps  rsync  treats the
              timestamps as being equal if they  are  within  the
              value  of modify_window. This is normally zero, but
              you may find it useful to  set  this  to  a  larger
              value  in  some  situations.  In  particular,  when
              transferring to/from FAT filesystems  which  cannot
              represent  times  with  a  1 second resolution this
              option is useful.

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Subject: Rsync time syncing problem

Hi All,

I hope someone can help me. We use Rsync to transfer files to and 
from our Australian and US server and we are experiencing files being 
overwritten and a few files disappearing (their contents disappear). 
I have setup ntp on each machine pointing to the same ntp server and 
set the hwclock to utc. We have found that the files on the US server 
are x:xx:01 secs and the AU server is x:xx:00 secs (doing an ls -l 
--full-time) Even though the files are only being updated on the AU 
server they are still coming back from the US server which they 
shouldn't be.

Does anyone know how to solve this? I read something about mds 
checksum and rsync. but wasn't sure if this was the solution?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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