rsync on cygwin: Connection reset by peer

Darryl Okahata darrylo at
Tue Oct 23 04:15:34 EST 2001

David Starks-Browning <starksb at> wrote:

> I'm in a position to test rsync with Cygwin on Win98 and NT 4.0 in all
> possible "modes".  I'll endeavour to do that, and report back.
> Unfortunately it will be a few days before I can make progress.

     This doesn't have anything to do with daemon mode, but I haven't
seen this old patch applied to the rsync repository (I'm not sure that
it should be, though):

For me, at least, it's REQUIRED if I want reliable transfers between
Unix and NT (rsync initiated from NT).  I'm using a slightly old cygwin
1.3.2, however.

	Darryl Okahata
	darrylo at

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