About mirroring in both sides

taisaki zbg63970 at wing.zero.ad.jp
Sun Oct 21 22:46:29 EST 2001

I am taisaki
About how to carry out mirroring with both server
Although I would like you to teach

About rsync, although it is a question, this time
hostA   hostB   It is related with ssh connection.
authorized_keys is held on both sides.   In the environment which can be
used satisfactory
hostA   /export/Data
The following directories
 hostB   /export/temp
a mirror is carried out to below -- making --   present rsync avue ssh--
exclude '*-'--, although
delete/export/Data/user at hostname.co.jp:/export/temp/is performed
This   It is rsync avue ssh similarly at hostB. -- exclude'* -' -- as delete
user at hostname:/export/temp//export/Data/
thing which performs  hostA -> hostB & hostB -> hostA, and does not have ま
す in hostA at the first specification   Since it has deleted when hostB is
suited, the file created by hostB will be erased.

What method is there in canceling this?

What to do   All data created by hostA   A mirror is carried out to hostB
and the file which is not in hostA deletes in that case.
All data created by hostB   A mirror is carried out to hostA and it is in
that case.   I understand that the file which is not in hostB is deleted.

I ask of you well.

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