rsync 2.4.6 upload trouble

Harala, Sauli sauli.harala at
Thu Oct 18 16:19:48 EST 2001

My 2.4.6 has a feature (bug) that the 
"--timeout=<seconds>" given on the client side breaks the 
transfer after <seconds> - no matter how active the transfer is.

There was somekind of patch for this in the message archives -
I have not tried to apply it.

Last time I read - the patch was not yet included in 2.4.7 pre.

Set timeout=0 (or no --timeout at all) - and give a try.

I do not know what the timeout means on the server side.


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I'm having rsync trouble I installt an new version of rsync on my server
and clients (2.4.6)
first every thing workt fine but now I'm having a lot of trouble. I use
the following command
to upload:

rsync -vcrulpog -e ssh --delete --exclude=*lost+found --timeout=60
--password-file=/etc/rsyncpasswd /exports/set1/
user at

and it gives me the following error:

building file list ... done
io timeout after 60 second - exiting

Received signal 10.

any Idea's ??

----server site:
this is the output of ps xa:

rsync --server -ulogprc --timeout=60 --delete . /exports/set0/

this is my rsyncd.conf:

pid file = /etc/
log file = /var/log/rsync.log

        path = /exports/set1
        comment = storage backup's
        read only = false
        auth users = user
        secrets file = /etc/rsyncpasswd

this is my rsyncpasswd:


----client site:
this is the output of ps xa:
rsync -qcrulpog -e ssh --delete --exclude=*lost+found --timeout=60
--password-file=/etc/rsyncpasswd /exports/set0/ user

ssh -l user rsync --server -ulogprc --timeout=60 --delete .

this is my rsyncpasswd:


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