problems between different versions of rsync

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I'm just guessing:  the files on the machine where you're invoking the transfer belong to the user who created them, probably with his default group, and on the machine you're sending to, they belong to the user in "user at host", and his default group,

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Subject:  problems between different versions of rsync

Are there issues between different versions of rsync?  Specifically I
have a 2.4.6 on solaris 8 pushing  to a 2.3.0 on solaris 2.6 over
ssh(F-Secure version).  The issue that I am seeing is that when I use
the following command:

  rsync --delete -rlvp -e ssh2 $localdir user at host:remotedir

The user and group are different on both boxes(neither being root).

Any help would be appreciated.


Jeff Beley
Internet Services

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