Using rsync 2.3.1, individual file size limitation...

Michael Salmon Michael.Salmon at
Wed Oct 17 20:58:17 EST 2001

On Thursday, October 11, 2001 12:10:18 PM -0400 Mark Eichin 
<eichin at> wrote:
| > send_files failed to open .../data1/
| > Value too large for defined data type
| Is that Solaris 8?  I ask not just because you should have mentioned
| this in the bug report (tsk tsk :-) but that I've seen that error and
| it *didn't* have anything to do with file size (or rsync) but instead
| had to do with files having "negative" timestamps - often created by
| unzip.  Just something to keep in mind, when resubmitting your question
| with enough information to actually make sense of it...

That's nearly correct. In NFS the time fields are defined as a 32 bit 
unsigned integers while in Solaris it is a 32 bit signed integer and hence 
if the most significant bit is set in the NFS metadata then it cannot be 
represented by Solaris. Versions of Solaris earlier than 7 were buggy in 
their handling of NFS times, many other operating systems still are. There 
is never a problem with local files.

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