Rsync: Re: patch to enable faster mirroring of large filesyst ems

David Bolen db3l at
Fri Nov 30 09:00:54 EST 2001

Keating, Tim [TKeating at] writes:

> Is there a way you could query your database to tell you which
> extents have data that has been modified within a certain timeframe?

Not in any practical way that I know of.  It's not normally a major
hassle for us since rsync is used for a central backup that occurs on
a large enough time scale that the timestamp does normally change from
the prior time.  So our controlling script just does its own timestamp
comparison and only activates the -c rsync option (which definitely
increases overhead) if they happen to match.

Although I will say that the whole behavior (the transaction log
always has an appropriate timestamp, it's just the raw database file
itself that doesn't) sure caught me by surprise in the beginning after
finding what I thought was a valid backup wouldn't load :-)

-- David

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