Bandwidth Limits

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It is a bit less than obvious... It can be sure about its own kBps, but 
wire protocols may vary... 100Mbps of ethernet is not 100/16 ofr 16Mbps 
token ring is not 100/1.044 of T1 is not ...whatever....  rsh,, ssh, and 
rsync transport protocols vary in overhead... the one thing of which rsync 
can be certain is the number of bytes of actual data it transfers... At 
least, that's my take on it.

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; That was just too small a test.  --bwlimit= causes rsync to sleep for an 

; appropriate interval after each data block (not tcp packet), in order to 

; pull the average transfer rate down to the specified limit.  Your 
; transfer rate was only a little above 1kbps anyway, as the test was so 
; small, there wasn't time to even get the send>sleep>send>sleep cycle 
; going... overhead stretched the time out so much that the 128k 
; took an insignificant portion of the total runtime. 

Ok, here's my question. Is rsync using K/Bytes per second (KBps) or 
K/Bits per second (Kbps)?? There's a huge difference here.

Doh!! It is KBytes. I just did an RTFM. 

I'm at a loss as to why it would be written as KBytes, but whatever.

Thanks for the help.

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