using rsync to backup windows workstations

Robert Scholten r.scholten at
Wed Nov 14 08:05:32 EST 2001

For some help in getting started, see:

Unfortunately an irritating person at Redhat/cygwin insisted I remove
my windoze binaries because I wasn't able to provide full source for
cygwin and rsync.  So here are some comments I send people that query me:

a) rsync binaries for win32/cygwin are now available from the binaries
   section of the rsync web pages, maintained by someone at redhat I think
b) the version attached is so old that you really shouldn't attempt to use  it.
   Get the latest CVS version and add Wayne Davison's patches (see
   mailing list archives), in particular for use with Windoze systems,
   then compile it yourself with cygwin
c) it's easy to compile under cygwin, and cygwin is easy to install, so I
   strongly recommend doing that
d) also install openssh which compiles cleanly under cygwin and is much
   more reliable than the ssh that is attached here

Sorry I haven't had time to prepare a new release.  One day....

On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, amiel ong wrote:

> I have 5 windows workstations and 1 computer running
> freebsd 4.4
> I want to install rsync on the freebsd computer so I
> can use it to backup some files/documents on my
> windows workstations.
> I want rsync to run automatically every 6pm mon-sat.
> I wanna ask if there is someone in this list who can
> give me guidelines on how i can do this.
> And another question I have is do I need to install
> samba?
> i know this is very idiot question... I have been
> reading the manuals for 3 days already and nothing
> seems to be working. I need help very badly. :(
> Needless to say, I am very new to Unix/Linux.
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