using rsync to backup windows workstations

amiel ong ongamiel at
Wed Nov 14 04:04:34 EST 2001

I have 5 windows workstations and 1 computer running
freebsd 4.4

I want to install rsync on the freebsd computer so I
can use it to backup some files/documents on my
windows workstations.

I want rsync to run automatically every 6pm mon-sat.

I wanna ask if there is someone in this list who can
give me guidelines on how i can do this.

And another question I have is do I need to install

i know this is very idiot question... I have been
reading the manuals for 3 days already and nothing
seems to be working. I need help very badly. :(
Needless to say, I am very new to Unix/Linux.

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