rsync ipv6 patch merge?

sumikawa at sumikawa at
Mon Nov 5 18:28:27 EST 2001

> rsync supports a fair number of unix-like platforms at the moment,
> some of which are rather old or idiosyncratic.  So, while the new
> IPv6/v4 sockets API looks quite nice, I think we cannot count on it
> being present.  Any advice here would be welcome.  The KAME patch
> seems to *replace* the old interface by the new one, which is OK for a
> patch but would probably not be adequate if we want a single tree that
> will build on old platforms.

sumikawa> One idea is providing compatible funcions,
sumikawa> getaddrinfo()/getnameinfo() for IPv4 only environment in
sumikawa> missing/ directry and detect their existence by
sumikawa> AC_CHECK_FUNC.

sumikawa> I think my tiny program is good example, please see the below:

oops, this idea was already implemented.  lib/getaddrinfo.c and
lib/getnameinfo.c in the KAME patch are compatible functions.

Munechika SUMIKAWA @ KAME Project

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