compiling 2.4.6

Ian Kettleborough ian at
Mon Nov 5 11:10:45 EST 2001

I am running FreeBSD 2.8 and having trouble compiling rsync-2.4.6

Anywhere /usr/include/sys/types.h is inclued generates a warning:

warning: empty declaration
at the following lines (from types.h)

typedef	u_int32_t	ino_t;		/* inode number */
typedef	u_int16_t	mode_t;		/* permissions */
typedef	_BSD_OFF_T_	off_t;		/* file offset */
typedef	_BSD_PID_T_	pid_t;		/* process id */

The compiled program runs, but just copies filename with no owner and no
contents to the files.

rsync-2.4.7pre1 compiles the same way and operates with the same result.

Ideas what is wrong.

ian at

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