any news about rsync and acl's?

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Jul 31 09:44:02 EST 2001

If we do rsync with an nfsv4-style transport, then ACLs will be transported
as attributes of a file, abstracted into a POSIX/NT common format.  For
them to be transported successfully, both machines would have to 
support ACLs either in the kenrel or through some kind of vfs 
that stores them in a database.  Also, ACLs are defined in terms
of usernames so they'll have to have a common username database
or a way of mapping from one to the other. 

Since ACLs are transferred into the native filesystem scheme on the
destination, data that cannot be represented will be lost.  For
example, if you transfer some of the wierder NT ACEs onto a Solaris
machine they'll be lost.

This is the plan, anyhow.  There is probably no perfect solution
that both preserves things exactly when backups are restored, and 
also gives a best effort when going across platforms.


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