rsync server over SSH [includes code patches]

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Dec 18 11:37:45 EST 2001

On  4 Dec 2001, JD Paul <jdpaul at> wrote:
> Here's a new version of my rsync-server-over-remote-shell patch:

This looks good.  My main reservation is that it makes it even harder
to explain how rsync works, but I think the increase in flexibility
justifies it.  

I'd like to get some of the smaller patches in to stabilize 2.5 before
we do this.

> P.S.  Question -- is the enum { } of all the OPT_ variables in
> options.c necessary any more?  It looks like it's not.

Why?  They're used to link from long_options to the cases in
parse_arguments().  Some of them might be obsolete now, but it doesn't
seem worthwhile to take them out.


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