minimal rsync+ssh for windows (fits on a floppy)

Robert Scholten r.scholten at
Mon Dec 17 17:44:24 EST 2001

Hi all,

I have created a new version of my old rsync+ssh package for windows.
This is a really simple 3-file implementation, just rsync, ssh, and the
cygwin1.dll.  You don't need the full cygwin installation, nor the /usr,
/bin, /home etc. file structure.

It's not for techheads, but useful for your colleagues that might just
want to backup their PC from home over a modem.  For example, we use it
when we're working on our large (20MB) teaching Powerpoint presentations,
so that we can keep our at-home and at-work copies in sync via modem.

I have kept all the sources this time, so I can make it available on the
web.  It's nothing fancy, straight rsync (current CVS, 2.5.0, and 2.4.6),
with a  slightly modified ssh version 1.2.26.  The latter was much easier
to implement than openssh, and requires only the basic cygwin1.dll.  I
tried openssh, but it needed cygz.dll and cygcrypto.dll and was pretty

ssh is modified to get username and home from environment variables
instead of needing a cryptic /etc/passwd file.

Feedback is welcome.  It works for me :)

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