Problems with rsync 2.5.1pre1 and hardlinks

birger at birger at
Wed Dec 12 18:53:56 EST 2001

Martin Pool schrieb am Mon, Dec 10, 2001 at 05:40:19PM +1100:
* On 10 Dec 2001, birger at wrote:
* > * Running out of memory may be the problem.  As a temporary workaround
* > * perhaps you can create an additional swap file (rather than partition)
* > * on the backup server?
* OK.  To help you out until then, you can do something like this
*   # dd if=/dev/zero bs=1024 of=/swap01 count=524288
*   # mkswap /swap01
*   # swapon -v /swap01
* Use an appropriate filename for your disk layout.  Then edit /etc/fstab
* if necessary to make the swapfile permanent.  
* This should let the command complete, though possibly slowly.  It 
* will also confirm that memory is in fact the problem.

'Twas long ago when I did swap-on-a-file as shown above by you.  Anyway, I
succeeded both in upgrading RAM as well as adding an additional swapfile
and it was confirmed indeed that memory was the problem: the kernel in the
backup system no longer gave rsync the boot and it finished just fine.

Nevertheless I would apreciate any improvements on memory usage when syn-
chrobizing hardlinks, if possible.


-  Birger

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