Problems with rsync 2.5.1pre1 and hardlinks

birger at birger at
Wed Dec 12 22:20:00 EST 2001

birger at schrieb am Wed, Dec 12, 2001 at 08:53:56AM +0100:
* 'Twas long ago when I did swap-on-a-file as shown above by you.  Anyway, I
* succeeded both in upgrading RAM as well as adding an additional swapfile
* and it was confirmed indeed that memory was the problem: the kernel in the
* backup system no longer gave rsync the boot and it finished just fine.
* Nevertheless I would apreciate any improvements on memory usage when syn-
* chrobizing hardlinks, if possible.

Some more details on this:

  * 2.100.000 files on the server, 30.000 origs, 69 x 30.000 hardlinks to the
      30.000 origs

  * server and client are double-processor-PIIIs (1GHz) with 1GB RAM and
      0.5GB Swap

  * kernel is 2.4.16, libc is glibc-2.2

One "empty" rsync turnover (no files have to be updated because both systems
have the same files) with rsync-2.5.1pre1 and flags "-auvH --delete" (method
is rsnyc::) will result in the following:

  * at the peak ~200MB memory usage on the server

  * at the peak ~650MB memory usage on the client (!)

  * the turnover lasts for 23 minutes with no files transferred.

(the link between both systems is 100MBit and exclusive for rsyncing)

Maybe someone should look into that hardlink code......

- Birger

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