permissions in dryrun mode

Mark Santcroos marks at
Tue Dec 11 22:01:18 EST 2001

I was glad to see a new version of rsync because I though that it was kind
of dead. :-)

Anyway, I just checked and noticed that the following isn't fixed yet, or
is considered a feature.

When run in dry-run mode, rsync doesnt report diffs in permissions and
ownership. IMHO this is not the expected and wanted behaviour, I want to
see exactly what it would do without the '-n'.

I have patches for this vs. 2.4.6, I can recreate them vs. 2.5.0 if you

In the case that is is considered a feature for some people, can we maybe
make it a runtime switch?


Mark Santcroos				RIPE Network Coordination Centre		New Projects Group/TTM

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