rsync ipv6 patch merge?

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Dec 4 16:45:43 EST 2001

On  4 Dec 2001, SUMIKAWA Munechika <sumikawa at> wrote:

> client_addr(), client_name() always fails for IPv6 connection sice in
> most of system,
>    sizeof(struct sockaddr_in) < sizeof(struct sockaddr) < sizeof(struct sockaddr_in6)
> you should use sockaddr_storage for getpeername(). here is the
> patch.

Yes, I'm aware of that.  The problem is that the patch originally
used would not compile on a significant number of platforms which are
missing sockaddr_storage.

Would it be sufficient for us to just read into a byte array large
enough to hold all reasonable IPv6 encodings, and then cast it as
appropriate?  I have not had a chance to follow this idea through yet.


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