io timeout

Carey Jung carey at
Wed Aug 29 13:10:02 EST 2001


We're running the rsync 2.4.7 pre-release to backup a number of servers to a
central backup server, all running Linux 2.2.17 kernel.   We moved up to
2.4.7, hoping it would fix the 'unexpected EOF' errors which we were getting
everytime we'd run more than a handful of rsyncs at the same time.  Initial
tests have not shown the EOF errors.    However, on one backup, when rsync
hits a very large (2 GB) file, it eventually times out with "io timeout
after 3614 second - exiting".  (Our timeout is set to 3600 seconds.)

Is this to be expected, and do I just need to bump out timeout to account
for such large files (over a moderate SDSL connection)?


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