EOF erors

Randy Kramer rhkramer at fast.net
Wed Aug 15 02:43:38 EST 2001

Greg Walton wrote:
> I am new to using rsync so I apologize if this has been answered
> before.  I still get and unexpected EOF in read_timeout error after I
> apply all the patches.  Is there another fix that I can try?  Thanks
> greg

What are you trying to do?  Are you trying to rsync a large file?  

I've had trouble like this rsyncing large files.  The problem seemed to
be that the server took so long to process the file before sending
anything that, AFAICT, another part of the server decided the process
was dead and killed it.  IIRC, I solved my problem by removing some
options that added to the processing time, like "-c".

Hope this helps,
Randy Kramer

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