--delete option not working

Steven at heimann.com.au Steven at heimann.com.au
Wed Aug 8 09:13:30 EST 2001

On 08/08/2001 Stephen Carville wrote

>I am trying to use rsync to move backup file from a cople of Oracle
>servers to another machine where they will be backed up to tape.


>The problem is the --delete is not working.  After the transfer is
>complete, I can do an 'ls' on the two directories and the files not on
>the source machine are still on the destination.  Needles to say this
>is filling up the target disk very quickly.


I am fairly new to rsync but have found writing to rsync in daemon mode to
be unreliable.  I changed to rsync over ssh (at the suggestion of someone
on this list) and all my problems instantly disappeared.  Well perhaps not
all my problems,  but the rsync related ones did.


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