rsync for cray t3e's

Sean Finney finney at
Sat Aug 4 08:37:53 EST 2001

hi there--

i'm rather new to rsync, but I've been very happily using it for around
a month or two now, and I keep finding all kinds of new uses for it.

one thing i've been doing lately is using rsync to keep all my config
files in sync on the 20 some-odd machines on which I have accounts.  I
was just setting this up for an account i have on a cray t3e machine
running (what i believe is) unicos of some sort, and ran into a little
trouble using the automagic './configure; make; make install;'

There were a few snagging points, which I corrected in about 2 minutes.
Is there anyone who'd be interested in the diffs, if only for the sake
of porting it to another os?


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