rsync for cray t3e's

Martin Pool mbp at
Sat Aug 4 10:52:06 EST 2001

On  3 Aug 2001, Sean Finney <finney at> wrote:
> hi there--
> i'm rather new to rsync, but I've been very happily using it for around
> a month or two now, and I keep finding all kinds of new uses for it.

I'm glad!

> one thing i've been doing lately is using rsync to keep all my config
> files in sync on the 20 some-odd machines on which I have accounts.  I
> was just setting this up for an account i have on a cray t3e machine
> running (what i believe is) unicos of some sort, and ran into a little
> trouble using the automagic './configure; make; make install;'
> There were a few snagging points, which I corrected in about 2 minutes.
> Is there anyone who'd be interested in the diffs, if only for the sake
> of porting it to another os?

Yes, I would.  Tridge just fixed build problems on a Cray SV ? (or J?)
a while ago.

If it's possible under your site's policy, it might be nice to add
that machine to the rsync build farm:

This way everybody who contributes code to rsync can see if it breaks
on Crays without having to wait for user reports.  The end goal is
that it rsync is hopefully stable on all platforms all the time.


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