[rsync-announce] Rsync 3.2.0pre3 released

Wayne Davison wayne at opencoder.net
Wed Jun 17 17:54:41 UTC 2020

I have made rsync 3.2.0pre3 available for testing.  This is mainly some
improvements in configuration and portability fixes.

Let's see if this one will end up being the last "pre" version before
3.2.0. Please give it a try! Send feedback via email to the rsync mailing
list. Bugs can be created via bugzilla tickets, github issues, or discussed
on the mailing list.

The changes since pre2:

   - Various configure changes to make sure that the packager doesn't miss
   out on new features that require new dependencies.
   - Made the SIMD code opt-in instead of opt-out.
   - Configure now checks to ensure that if the man pages are missing that
   there's a python3 setup that can generate them (the early info is better
   than a future make failure). Man page generation can also be disabled via
   configure option.
   - Fixed a portability issue with some sed code by turning it into awk
   - Fixed a Makefile portability issue.
   - Updated the config.guess and config.sub, which helps with newer OS
   releases such as Centos 7.
   - Ran test compilations on FreeBSD, Solaris, CentOS, AIX, Ubuntu,
   openSUSE, Debian, & Cygwin.
   - Fixed a build issue when iconv is not available.

To see a summary of all the changes since 3.1.3, visit this link:


You can download the source tar file and its signature from here:


The patches directory is in a separate tar file (for those that want one or
more of the patches):



See the rsync website for other download methods, including diffs, etc.:


See also rsync on github:



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