[rsync-announce] Rsync 3.2.0pre1 released

Wayne Davison wayne at opencoder.net
Sun Jun 14 03:38:46 UTC 2020

I have made rsync 3.2.0pre1 available for testing.  This release has a
bunch of fixes & new features.

Please test the code and send feedback via email to the rsync mailing list.
Bugs can be created via bugzilla tickets, github issues, or discussed on
the mailing list.

To see a summary of the changes since 3.1.3, visit this link:


You can download the source tar file and its signature from here:


The patches directory is in a separate tar file (for those that want one or
more of the patches):



See the rsync website for other download methods, including diffs, etc.:


See also rsync on github:


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