[rsync-announce] rsync 2.5.4 released

rsync-announce-admin at lists.samba.org rsync-announce-admin at lists.samba.org
Thu Mar 14 20:35:53 EST 2002

A new version of rsync has been released:

rsync 2.5.4 (13 March 2002)

  "Imitation lizard skin"


    * Additional fix for zlib double-free bug.  (Martin Pool, Andrew
      Tridgell) (CVE CAN-2002-0059)

    * Merge in changes from zlib 1.1.3 to zlib 1.1.4.  (Jos Backus)
      (Note that rsync still uses a custom version of zlib; you can
      not just link against a system library.  See zlib/README.rsync)

    * Additional test cases for --compress.  (Martin Pool)

rsync source code can be downloaded from 
and numerous mirror sites.
GPG detached signature files are present on the server for all new
versions.  To be sure of the origin of a package before installation,
please run the command
  gpg --verify rsync-2.5.4.tar.gz.sig
in the directory containing both the .tar.gz and signature files.


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