[rsync-announce] Graphical rsync!

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Wed Mar 13 16:23:12 EST 2002


Something very much resembling a graphical win32-based front-end for rsync
is available at http://sync2nas.sourceforge.net  It is released under the
BSD license for all to enjoy.

A few caveats:

*  It reportedly only works on WinNT/Win2K.  Win9x is being looked into at
   this time.

*  It is written in Perl/Tk, although all portability conceits were
   abandoned fairly early on, and it currently makes quite a few
   assumptions that only make sense under win32.  It was subsequently
   turned into a win32 executable through the magic of ActiveState tools.

*  It is bundled with rsync 2.4.6 and a cygwin1.dll, which can be replaced
   with newer versions at whim.

*  It is currently only capable of uploading files, which is all we need
   it to do.

*  Anonymous rsync is not supported, nor is rsh/ssh.  This should change

*  It's not what one would call "classically beautiful", =) and it's
   undoubtedly got a few bugs..

It is still being worked on, but it seems to have just enough features at
this point that other people might want to start hearing about it.  If
anyone is interested, please come and try it out.

Nicolas Simonds
nic at tricord.com

Computer Science - n. - A study akin to numerology and astrology, but
lacking the precision of the former and the success of the latter.

                 --Stan Kelly-Bootle, The Computer Contradictionary

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