[clug] SaltStack

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Tue Jun 20 22:23:34 UTC 2023

Here's the name of a few titles:

Learning SaltStack - Very basic
Mastering SaltStack  - Followings on from the former
Extending SaltStack - Tells you how to write your own modules
Salt Essentials - Another basic book which comes at it slightly  differently
Salt Cookbook - Show examples of how to do things

All these are getting old now. The first two would be a quick read 
especially "Learning Saltstack" is very very basic. Once read you won't 
likely refer to it again, but coming from a background of not knowing 
anything these books will get you up to speed on how to approach things 
with Salt covering its configuration, yaml, jinja, states, pillar, 
grains, custom module, etc. The cloud stuff would be very out of date, 
but for that you may not wish/be better off using other tools. For the 
specifics, use the online documentation, etc. Don't waste you're money 
on all those books (work's may be :-) ). I'm trying to end with sort of 
useful guidance. May be "Mastering SaltStack" and "Extending SaltStack" 
as I did find myself referring back to those books as I initially 
started to do things with Salt and it  did highlight something which was 
wrong with how someone had architected the use of Salt and we are still 
stuck with. Also, check recent reviews.

You should be able to find all the info you need online. I simply find 
it easier and faster to get up to speed with books and avoid many 
mistakes while doing so.


On 20/6/2023 17:31, Anestis Kozakis via linux wrote:
> Obviously, I meant use.  Damned typos.
> Do you have links to any books you can recommend?
> Anestis.

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