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Anestis Kozakis kenosti at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 07:31:22 UTC 2023

Obviously, I meant use.  Damned typos.

Do you have links to any books you can recommend?


On Tue, 20 Jun 2023 at 17:25, jm via linux <linux at lists.samba.org> wrote:

> Have used and at time wished to sue Salt Stack. I found the best way to
> get up to speed was to quick read a couple of the books available on it
> as the books gave a better overview of how it all fits together and what
> approach to take that I couldn't get from the documentation.
> Jeff.
> On 20/6/2023 17:15, Anestis Kozakis via linux wrote:
> > Has anyone sued and have experience with SaltStack?
> >
> > I have a new job and we use it in our team, but I know nothing about it
> and
> > am looking to learn, and even though I have started reading the
> > documentation, I learn better through hands-on practical experience and
> > show and tell.
> >
> > Anestis.
> >
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