[clug] clug] Gnome - Gimp was not installed by default

Owen owen.cook at gmx.com
Tue May 28 05:42:08 UTC 2019

> I found it strange, GIMP was not installed by default in Debian Buster
> (RC5) I wonder why?

I do not recall the details, but a couple of years ago, one distro stopped packaging gimp, no big deal, just install it yourself.

There was almost zero discussion about this, and probably done to save space in the iso.

Recently installed a Fedora-29 on one of my partitions, manually installing gimp, it came down as gimp-2.10.x, a pleasant surprise as this up to date LinuxMint is still on the 2.8 series. You can get 2.10 via Flatpack or build it yourself if you have LM.


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